BXTRA with Clarissa Forde

–Tatyana Turner

Yesterday, October 17th, I had a great time speaking with Clarissa about The Mixed Mannequin and walking around our high school for old times sake! After taking the time to catch up and reminisce, we landed at one of the last places we stepped foot in our school, the stage!

Clarissa is a fashion blogger and a image consultant who started her platform soon after high school graduation in 2013. Even though our school, the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula had uniforms, Clarissa found ways to express her love for fashion outside of the classroom. Starting in her freshman year, she took to Tumblr, posting photos of her outfit combinations and sneakers of choice. After gaining a following, the Tumblr account grew to be an entire brand called, ” The Mixed Mannequin.” Clarissa describes her style as “Tomboy Chic” because her clothing choices are both edgy and girly. Along with Clarissa’s brand, she also launched a YouTube channel where she interviews other female around the world who can also relate to having the TomBoy Chic style.

As mentioned in a previous statement, we attended a Catholic school that required students to wear uniforms. Though the outfits have since changed, we have a clear memory of what our uniforms consisted of. In the Spring, students had to wear either pastel colored skirts ( blue/yellow/pink) or grey pants with a white blouse. In the winter, we had to wear a maroon sweater, grey pants, with black shoes.

Clarissa reveled that she would try to customize her uniform the best way possible, especially through shoes. Outside of footwear, the fashion blogger says she would not change the style of the uniforms.

When asked what she appreciates most about the Bronx, Clarissa believes that the borough has a rich history of hip-hop and overall culture. Though Clarissa prides herself on being from the Bronx, speaking different languages and traveling the world is next on her bucket list, ” I aspire to inspire before I expire.”

From the Bronx to the whole world, look out for fashionista, Clarissa Forde!

Check out our discussion in the link below!



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Tatyana Turner is a Bronx native who grew up in the Mott Haven and Grand Concourse sections of the borough. She has experience in print journalism and photography. In December 2016, Tatyana graduated from Temple University with a degree in Communication Studies and returned to her home in the Bronx where she is applying her skills to further discover the extraordinary people and places in the place she calls home.

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